Watch How Cat Protects Sister From Their Brother: ‘Not on My Watch’

Cats are known to be independent animals, marching to the beat of their own drum. But once they accept someone into their circle, they go into protection mode.

You would think living under the same roof and being in a cat family would be enough protection, but one brother cat learned it is all about sisters sticking together.

In an October 22 TikTok video, an orange cat named Prince was walking up to his sister cats Cocoa and Marshmallow. Although it is not certain if Prince came over to start trouble, Cocoa did not even give him the opportunity. As the caption reads, “Not on my watch!”

Three cat siblings
Screenshots from a TikTok video posted to @thekittydrink. A cat protects her sister from being disturbed by their brother in a hilarious clip.

Cocoa did not hesitate when it came to keeping Prince away from her Siamese cat sister. She stuck her paw right up, stopping him from getting any closer.

Luckily, he got the message and walked away. Otherwise, the video might have ended a little differently.

The video, which has over 76,300 views, has delighted TikTok users, reminding them about the power of sisterhood.

“Cocoa don’t play when you try and mess with sis. His face! He knew he was in the wrong,” one TikTok user said.

Another viewer added: “Cocoa the bouncer.”

Something tells us this is not the black cat’s first rodeo. And if we were in Prince’s shoes, we would not want to get on her bad side.

Cat Protection

It’s hard to picture cats being protective or standing up for each other, considering the stereotype of the pets being standoffish. But some cats can be just as protective as dogs. A cat’s stellar hearing and smelling abilities have been used to help keep their parents safe. There have been numerous incidents of cats alerting their owners during medical emergencies, an article from Hill’s Pet states.

But as adorable as it is to have a cat keeping you safe, the article goes on to warn about cats who are a little too protective. Overprotective cats can be aggressive, channeling a defensive mode. You want to be on the lookout for the following signs to tell if your cat has gone into bodyguard mode:

  • Dilated eyes
  • Pointed ears that are turned out
  • Sharp, quick tail movements
  • Exposed teeth/claws
  • Hissing, growling or screeching
  • Biting/scratching

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