Marianne Williamson Suspends Her Long-Shot Challenge Against Biden

Marianne Williamson, the self-help author, is suspending her long-shot campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, she said in a video address on Wednesday.

She thanked her supporters in the address, urging them to carry on her campaign’s message and run for office themselves.

“If you feel that you have a deeper appreciation of the promise of America and of your responsibility to do something about it,” Ms. Williamson said, then, she added, “this campaign will have succeeded.”

Ms. Williamson on Tuesday placed a very distant third place in Nevada’s primary election, behind President Biden — who won nearly 90 percent of the vote — and behind “none of these candidates,” a ballot option that earned less than 6 percent of the vote. She had put significant effort into campaigning in the state before the primary, but ultimately drew under 3 percent of the vote.

She also placed a very distant second in the South Carolina primary, with just over 2 percent of the vote, but she topped Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota — who had so far been Mr. Biden’s most significant rival. Mr. Phillips was not on the ballot in Nevada, and has pointed to Michigan as the next primary he intends to compete in.

It was Ms. Williamson’s second attempt at running for president. She had earned some publicity early in the Democratic debates during her first run in 2020, but dropped out of the race before the first votes were cast.

Ms. Williamson made it further this time, lasting through two official presidential primaries, as well as the unsanctioned New Hampshire primary that will award no delegates in the nominating contest.

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